For Crying Out Loud

A somewhat monthly publication of misanthropic ponderings written for avacados

Issue #1:
Project Blue Book
(front cover)
Caffeine & Romance
Death & Dumpsters
Piss & Vinegar
(front cover)
(back cover)
Hugs are Better than Drugs?
Obligatory Bitch Session
State of the Human Condition
(front cover)
* Issue#4:
it's about that time again
Hey, Street Preacher!
Spare Chromasome?
One World or None
it's all bullshit

SPECIAL: If you don't have any of the above issues, you can order the first three bound together in one lovely, wonderful publication. Each hand-crafted issue is painstakenly assembled from only the highest quality paper, toner, and staples Kinko's has to offer. But what we find to be the most appealing is the price!

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