By: Rex

The original purpose of this publication is one of much importance. Although at times it may be vague, it is most definitely a solid purpose both in idea and in manuscript. There is a 'cause' that I'm working toward at thIs moment in my life, and this cause is one that I hold near and dear to my heart. It's a cause that I'm not ashamed of or afraid to admit, although surely some will scorn me for it, I am still going forward and making this publication to support that cause. That is the purpose.
Let me back up a bit… It was just a few years ago that I first started making self-publications (the ones that are written, designed, and produced by no on other than myself). The first few were fancy multi-page flyers for a couple of bands I was in at the time. Others were catalogs for things I was trying to sell in the state I was living. Without giving too many details (something you may dispute later) there was always allot of risk involved as I attempted to make these things cheaply or even for free. Why was I so thrifty in my frugal ways? Well I was, am now, and with any luck will always be… poor (mind you I didn't say it would be with any good luck). That's what I'm talkin' about here. It's all about me. Me me me me me! But I'll get back on track in a moment.
Right now I'm at my favorite coffee shop in Pensacola, some 3 thousand miles from where my last favorite coffee shop is located and some 10 thousand miles from where my next one could be. On my way here I walked by my neighbors house when a splatter of spit skittered aside my shoe. I looked up at the menacing maw of Mary's maniacal mug grinning gaily, going "Hey Rex, what's up?". I yelled up to the balcony that hangs off of Rymodee's room, "Hey! I'm gonna go try and do an entire zine in one day so I'll have something I can sell in New Orleans when we go there tomorrow!", "You wanna contribute anything?". A smile stretched across her mohawk crested face exposing teeth too perfect for facial harmony. No sign of hard times there. Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables. Ha ha ha, the list goes on… Sorry Marry, I'm just kidding. "No, but maybe Rymodee might have something, hang on!". After a few seconds, a four-eyed bowling pin poked over the railing and at first surprises me (thinking it was going to be Rymo), then makes me all happy. I giggle out, "Hi Sam, I'm gonna try and make a zine in one day so I can sell it in New Orleans when we go, you wanna contribute anything?" Sam's expressions rarely change, and this is no exception. He sternly, yet comfortingly replies "I'm busy trying to get my own zine (called "Strap Yourself In") done before tomorrow!". Rymo finally happens upon our ridiculous exchange and interrupts me when I attempt to ask him the same question "Rymo, I'm trying to…", "I'm busy writing my novel, sorry!". So, as you can guess, this entire venture is going to be written by one person, and one person only. Me! Yahoo, what's new.
Many people who will end up with this darn thing probably already know me as the guy that hassles everyone at Sluggo's (downtown Pensacola, Florida) every time he gets a new issue of his other zine (PTBH!zine / 309 N.6th Ave. / Pensacola, FL 32501 / $1 + 2 stamps) out 'cause he's always trying to get that almighty dollar in exchange for the chance to either hate or love whatever he has to say on paper. Sure, it's a gamble, but some people like to gamble. Unfortunately, those people don't always like to read as well.
So, there you have it. Now, back to my cause… The 'cause' is because I'm poor. The purpose is to write enough crap between the covers of what you're holding now to not only make it worth the $1 you (better have) gave me, but to also insert enough interesting & true tidbits about whatever I think is true and interesting to make you feel like you didn't get ripped off in the process. Sound interesting? Yes, it's true. I just never have had any interest in lying to make things sound better than they really are. Isn't that interesting? Yes, true that.
Now, with all that behind us now, let's move on. I'm still not really sure what I'm gonna put in this issue, so there's really no way I can warn you or tempt you either way. Sorry Charlie.
"Buy This Zine…" is the brain (dead) child of Rex Ray who also does "PTBH!" zine and currently lives in Pensacola, Florida. Any and all text and/or photographs in this publication are NÓT copyrighted, so do what you want with it. Just give credit where credit is due. Copyrights are stupid and besides, who would want to duplicate any of this crap anyway?! Thanx for buying this thing. You just earned 100 cool-points!
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