For Crying Out Loud
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It's because I don't want to be anyone's nurse; I don't feel like wiping ass for a living. It's not currently my job to follow people around and clean up every little thing they destroy or pick up everything they drop. Even though I know perfect strangers would have it no other way, I'm not going to give in to them. So don't wipe the stink of your personal problems on me, I don't care. Stop coming to me every time someone has done you wrong. I'm not going to kill them for you, I'm not even going to look at them for you. If all you can concentrate on is how you've been the victim all your life, then go do it somewhere else where I don't have to listen to you. Yeah, I might cry about something stupid once in a while but at least I promptly do something to remedy those situations. At least I take a stance.
Something about the way I feel when an annoying person walks up to me. Not in the traditional sense of annoying where someone is making a fool of themselves in an immature and socially deplorable manner, that doesn't bother me a bit. Hell, I even like that most of the time! It's when I can feel an individuals pride as they approach me with expectations of rhetoric and fond greetings. It makes me cringe. Actually, I was just sitting here minding my own business when a girl walks up and asks a rhetorical question, "You mind if I sit here?" as she pulls a chair out from my table and sits down. This chick is one of the most annoying people I know right now. Not because she's ignorant really, just because all she does is talk about her self. When she's around and talking to other people, I've started to listen to her mode of speech.
I pay attention to how many questions she asks in 10 minutes (about three, two of which are about opinions of her) and how many times she starts a sentence with "I", "my", "we", etc, etc, etc, add nauseum. She talks fast and constantly shifts her glances down and across the table as if scanning for tid-bits of dialog that may have broken loose. When there's a lapse in conversation longer than 3 seconds she fidgits and starts reading the label of her juice bottle out loud. She's not on drugs or anything, just that when it comes time for her to listen to someone else, she seems to find it unbearable.
She has the kind of attractive features that only serve to make girls like her look like housewives when they hit 30. Until then, there will be something about her nose or her eyebrows that will interest a few fellows. Passing interests all, but she'll surely take a few of them up in hopes that he'll be the prince that will serve on her hand and foot. High Maintenance.
If I was a little bit better with words, if I could bring it all into focus with letters grouped together, maybe I'd be able to understand this shit. Even just a tiny bit would be nice. When I try to figure out what it is that makes us all hate each other, yet makes some people love everyone, I feel like I need to put my glasses on. There are no physical aids for clarity of thought.