By: Rex

Here it is, the third issue of "For Crying Out Loud". Just as a quick intro, I usually put these things out for two reasons. #1, because I can get this zine out more often than the much thicker one I do (PTBH!zine - at the same address $1+2 stamps for most recent copy), and #2 because I can sell it and make a couple of bucks because I'm usually unemployed and this crap ends up being my bread and butter. This issue, I've added a new reason... I was talking to my friend Andra not long ago when she told me she was writing something that she wouldn't mind printing. Then she asked if I'd like to print it for her. Well, I usually don't take submissions from other people, and I don't know why anyone would want their ideas to mingle with mine in the same context, but whet the heck, why not?!
So, I made the all-too-familiar trip over to the coffee shop across the street from my house and dredged up some less than popular details from my past then typed them onto my ancient computer trying to include as many interesting details as I could remember. I'm sure it's gonna end up being another one of those things where someone will invariably come up to me and complain about the fact that I wrote an article about myself instead of about Bouncing Souls or something. Sure, it's just a story from my life, and we all have stories of our own, but this one is mine. If you don't want to hear about it, then you're welcome to close this zine right now and get back to reading that boring band interview or even worse, you could spend the evening watching your television set. I'm doing what I can to get by on my own creativity without selling my values or morals, I encourage anyone else to do the same.
On that note, if you got this in the mail and you want to send me a zine, I can't guarantee that I'll review it, or that I'll send you anything back (unless you say what issues you already have), but I'll sure do my best.

Reviewers: "For Crying Out Loud" is published almost monthly and costs $1+a stamp in the USA. It is assembled by Rex Ray and is usually written completely by him with the exception of the rare contribution that happens once in a while. The writing is usually classified as personal and non-fiction.
Disclaimer: any illegal activities mentioned between the front cover and the back cover of this publication are to be considered as a total fabrication from the mind of an insane old woman who lives in the swamps of southern Florida, eats rats, and hangs out with Paul Rubin. This zine is intended for information purposes only. It is written as a promotion of good health and happy living where man and woman can live together with bird and beast in harmony and peace with a little help from our lord Satan and the Microsoft Corporation. Either go vegan or keep wiping blood off your ass. Either grow up, or get real. I prefer the later. Computers aren't evil, users are. Guns don't kill, it's those damn bullets that do. America, love it or leave it. Anyone wanna' buy me a ticket? Coffee-morning, day, and night, it's good-4-U. Dr. Bronner is dead, but his soap lives on. Information wants to be free. So does public transportation, education, water, and photocopies. Together we can make it happen. United we stand, divided we stand a bit more comfortably. Support your local scene, a little weeding never hurts. USA, "We kill to prove that killing is wrong". If you protest, do it wisely. No one listens to a fanatic with a tie-dyed shirt, mohawk, etc. Two wheels good, four wheels bad. Have you rode your bike today? Call 1(800)555-1212, it's fun! Email me at If you're bored, see/hear some stuff at Pensacola food banks suck. Christians are blind followers. Go see the movies: Leningrad Cowboys, Leolo, City of Lost Children, Delicatessen, Welcome to Woop Woop, Street Trash, and anything by Zbignew Rupzynski. Listen to: Negativland, xbxrx, Me First, Scientist Sam, Atom & His Package, anything on Vermiform or Erie Materials. -thank you, & good night-