Spare Chromasome?
(Oh, how i love retards...)

[on to a different subject] There's a special soft spot in my slowly rotting heart that has been reserved for a small group of people that live outside of normal society. They live in a different reality from most of us, and they have no choice in the matter. It was probably during my 12th trip around the sun that I realized I have an affection for the disabled, especially for those with Down's Syndrome. [as a side note, I'm going to use the term "retards" purely for convenience. Sorry if it offends anyone, I don't mean any harm]

In many undeveloped native tribes, they are considered as blessed by the gods. Truly, they are thought of as special. However, in the united states the retarded-life is a struggle from start to end. The rules of learning, understanding, communication and social incorporation are turned all around. It's hard to be a part of the world around you when it's mumbling confusion at every turn. There's also the lack of reproductive ability and shortened life span to deal with as well. Many of these most precious beings can't even get a job without some clipboard (with a woman attached) following them around all day. The special ed. teachers, the counselors, the physical therapists, all telling them that they can be "normal" when they know damn well that's not likely. There will always be someone sneaking a peek at the retard. Usually it's to spectate in some cruel fashion, or sometimes it's with admiration, like with me. I find myself wanting to stare at the round faced, straight haired, cheeky bastards every time one comes in the room. It's not because I think they look funny, just that I wish I could go into their mind and see things from their point of view. If only I could have an extra chromosome for a day. Maybe it's just a part of the condition that none of them can help, but it seems that the stereo-type is that of a grinning, drooling bufoon. It's not really fair, but even still, I've noticed that they have a much easier time enjoying life than the rest of us. While all those dark brooding forms stalk the front of my favorite club every night, complaining, arguing, fighting, etc., somewhere there are people with so much more stacked against them, and they manage to be happier and have a lot more fun every day. I guess we all take so much for granted. That's why so many of us take chemical pot shots at our minds and stabs at our physical abilities with reckless behavior. Imagine that everything you did in life was like the most difficult math test you ever saw. Driving would feel like the first time every time. The frustration. I doubt you'd feel like making things any harder.

I find myself thinking about these folks. About the term "special". It's such a patronizing thing to say, but you know. I do kinda think retards are special. I haven't really had any retarded friends, but I'm totally open to it. Maybe even anxious for it. I've had jobs in the past taking care of "developmentally disabled" kids, and I still have friends that do it full time, but still I don't think I keep in touch with anyone that would fit that description. Then again, I think I know a few people who could probably learn a thing or two from lil' Corky. When "duh" is replaced with "dude". See what I'm getting at here??? Okay okay. I hope you don't think I'm some fucker that gets a kick from making fun of those-less-furtunate (I hate that term). Really I'm not. You have to have a sense of humor about these things. Remember that movie, "blazing saddles"? it came out at the beginning of the P.C. (politically correct) movement. They poked fun at almost every group of people you can make fun of. It was brave, but at the same time, that film somehow showed us that it's okay to laugh about our differences. Sure, it was more about sexual orientation and skin color, but it holds true throughout the multitude social differences we all encounter. No, that doesn't mean it's okay to laugh at people different than you! Just turn the tables once in a while and imagine how you would feel first. Have a sense of humor, but try to realize when the joke is old. Make sense?