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#10 (no image yet) Here's a really crappy version of # 10.  I just wanted to get it online quickly.  I'll be scanning the pages shortly to give the full experience. Don't miss out!
#9 The move from small-town Pensacola to Seattle and all the places in between. If you have watched episode 2 of "Static", then you already have a general idea of what this issue is about.  The zine goes into more thoughtfull detail of course.

Out now     ($1 postage paid)


#8 Still available  ($1 postage paid) "A scandalous love affair with a nasty little town" reads the cover. This is the fond farewell to the last 2 years spent living in Pensacola... A small to mid-sized town. Also in this mini-sized issue is an article attempting to point out positive aspects of other "small towns", but only makes for a biting bitterness comonly seen in PTBH!zine.
#7 Documenting a 3 month trip from Florida to Alaska with all sorts of unexpected scaries along the way. includes stories from New Orleans, Austin, Seattle, Anchorage, and Hollywood. Still available ($1 +2 stamps)
#6 Still available ($1 +2 stamps) [Only one page scanned] The move from Alaska to Florida with all the horrible hazards that one can expect on such a long trip. This issue is not yet scanned. There are probably still copies of it in it's original paper version... why don't ya order one?!
#5 Catch up with Rex and Twitch as they kick back in Alaska for a few months. Articles include: secret drinking spots, traffic tickets & law enforcement, annoying coffee-shop people, rednecks, & Twitch's life growing up. Plus the usual zine reviews. Still available ($1 +2 stamps)
#4 A two part issue documenting a half-year backpacking trip around the United States. Packed with all sorts of hair-raising tales of adventure, mayhem and crime!  I have a ton of these still in thier 1single-issue format.  Send stamps and get zines back. 

Still available (2 stamps)

#3 This issue marks the closing of Rex's punk-shop (The Extreme) in Anchorage, AK. There's also a great story about Twitch's shitty job written by himself. Plus, a funny list of 10 ways to annoy people. This is the first issue that was sold on the road while traveling.  Some copies were made in Alaska, some in Eugene, Seattle, Columbus OH, and other places. (Out of Print)
#2 (Out of Print)

This jam-packed issue contains:

Jesus Is An Ice-Cream Eating Smoochie Monster
Oi! Who's That-a Walkin' On My Bridge?!
Just Another Day In The Land Of Smoke And Coffee
Breakfast, Lunch, & Dumpster
The mini-revolution known as Punk Rock
10 Things... ( one of many lists )
Crappy New Year
Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should
Titty Wax
Don't Sellout, Cash Out!
Nose Hair Removal

#1 We all have to start somewhere, right? Poke in and see how it all started. This issue is long out of print, but preserved here for no apparent reason!

articles include:

Just When You Thought it Couldn't Get Any Worse
Twinky, Twinky (a ripped-off article. sorry!)
Stamp Out Air (another rip-off!)
A letter to other zine makin' folks

(Out of Print)

'zine : n : a low circulation publication, usually produced on a photocopier or home printer. A launching pad for many writers and artists.

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